Yoga Teacher Training – 250 Plus Hours

250 plus hour yoga teacher training course in Nepal by Nepal Yoga Institute

Yoga Teacher Training course 250 plus hours, Nepal 

Are you looking for Yoga Teachers Training course in land of Himalayan?

If so, Nepal yoga institute is the ideal destination which introduces you with the definite physical, mental and sacred peace and affluence.

We teach such types of Yoga Teacher training classes from experienced highly qualified teachers here in Nepal. These classes mainly focus on the traditional (sanatana) yoga. In fact, it is consequent from the conventional Hatha Yog and Ashtanga Yoga (eight fold of Patanjali yoga).  

250 plus hours yoga teacher training course details

250 plus hours yoga teacher training includes the academic and practice both on training plan. Training (YTT) offers a proficient teacher of Yoga with ideal understanding and self-assurance, who can build up their profession as a Yoga Teacher. Course facilitates with the ideal teaching learning practice, it includes Satkarma (six types of cleaning), Mantra chanting, Hatha YogaAstang Yoga, [Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayam, Pratyaher, Dharana, Dhyan (Meditation) and Samadhi], Chakras, anatomy and physiology, Ayurveda, Mudras and different meditation and Yoga methods.

The set of courses includes beginners to advance levels. We begin as beginners and continue to advance where all levels of learners can bend and discover theory and practice with no trouble and contentedly .Teachers will direct the entire student based on their requirement.

Features of 250 plus hours yoga teacher training course

  • Introduction of Yoga.
  • Methods and precautions of Yoga practice.
  • Practical and theoretical methodology.
  • Yogic lifestyle for a Yoga Sadhak (practitioner)
  • Practice (Sadhana) sequence
  • Yogic Ahar (diet and nutrition)
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Classical Knowledge (Traditional Understanding of Yoga Practice)
  • How to apply Yoga to one’s life for maintaining peace, bliss and harmony
  • How to develop personal Yoga Sadhana
  • How to overcome obstacles during Yoga practice
  • How to be a qualified Guru

Courses & Curriculum

Topics Covered - 250 plus hours


  • Satkarma- (cleansing techniques)
  • Prayer and Mantra singing
  • Asana (postures)
  • Yoga safety guidelines
  • Body alignment and its importance in Yoga
  • Pranayama (breathing exercise)
  • Guided teaching practice
  • Dhyan (Meditation)
  • Mudra and Bandha


  • Teaching learning methodology
  • Principles of demonstration
  • Instruction way
  • The student’s process of learning
  • Business skills
  • Communication skills
  • Setting up classes
  • Observation, assisting and correcting 

Yoga philosophy

  • Yoga philosophy and traditional texts
  • Yogic diet, lifestyle and ethics

Anatomy and physiology

  • Physical anatomy & physiology
  • Spiritual anatomy and physiology

Course requirements

The course is necessary for 250 plus hours, Yoga Teacher Training. It is selected for the ideal Yoga Teacher. After the completion the course students attain a profound understanding on yogic science eastern attitude, spiritual trembling along with the preventive and health-giving knowledge via Yoga.


Training program will be student teacher combined. Students receive the proper guidance and advice by teacher and they follow in their every day class. Students will assess six cleaning (Satkarma) in the early morning, then they acquire herbal tea and partake in Mantra chanting, practical class of Yogasana and pranayama. They also take part yoga philosophy class and carry out workshop.

What should be brought?

Nepal is beautiful land of Himalayan rich of various types of seasons. Here, you may not be able to find the particular season it differs from one season to another. The summer (March-June) months are hotter. The Rainy season (July-September) is likely to get quiet warmer with rainfall. All through the months of December, January and February it becomes little cold particularly in the mornings and in the evenings. So, you can carry everything you require based on these season.

 Recommendation to bring:

  • Warm clothes for winter season
  • Traditional dress for temple and heritage site visits; preferably cotton traditional dress for yoga (do not bring crop tops and low cut tops, shorts, and transparent clothes)
  • A warm cardigan or blanket/shawl for meditation
  • A refillable water bottle or thermos to drinking water and tea
  • A head lamp and batteries or flashlight
  • Water-resistant walking shoes and outdoor wear for winter and rainy season
  • Sandals for around the institute
  • Warm socks and hat for winter season
  • Individual medical kit
  • Mosquito and bug repellents for summer and rainy season
  • Personal toiletries


  • Yoga towel
  • In the winter season, we provide all bedding, towels, extra blankets and electrical heaters for the room.
  • Pens, diary, highlighters etc.(we also give a pen ,one notepad ,a pencil and the manual)
  • Yoga mat (we provide but if you want to personal preference)

What to expect/sacrifice here at the Institute?

  • Nepal is the second richest country in the globe for hydro resources but some time we may be having electricity problems.
  • We apply strictly sage Pantajalis eight limbs of yoga policy. It covers no violence, no swearing, no meat consumption, no smoking, no alcohol or drugs. Respect, integrity, honesty are expected by all, at the institute staff, guest, and students as well.
  • Institute provides organic and Vegetarian or Vegan foods as much as on a fixed menu at fixed times. As a student at the institute, you will be considered a member of our community where everyone shares meals together. You are suggested to mention or report in advance about your food if there is medical diet or any special requirement. We do not serve meat, fish and eggs. All dairy products are cow based.

We don’t permit the use of mobile phone or any other electrical devices throughout class time. You are requested to be honest, on time and motivated to learn all through the class period.

Sample Daily Schedule

Start                   Finish                Activity

06:30                 07:00               Satkarma, chanting and Pranayama

07:00                 07:15               Tea- break

07:15                 09:30               Mantra chanting Yogasana & Pranayam.

09:30                 10:30               Breakfast

10:30                 13:00               Theory class & yogic Relaxation

13:00                 14:00               Lunch

14:00                 15:00               Self study

15:00                 16:45               Meditation & Workshop

16:45                 17:00               Tea break

17:00                 18:30               Asana practice

18:30                 19:30               Dinner

19:30                 21:30               Self study and Sadhana

Note: This schedule may vary according to the season and student’s request. There is one day off in a week (usually on a Sunday). Students can plan for outdoor trip such as hiking, exploring around the heritage site, temples and volunteer service in social organization.


Included Items

  • Unlimited herbal tea.
  • Three organic (most) vegetarian/vegan meals a day.
  • Shatkarma Practice.
  • Yoga Text Book and practice copy
  • Shared accommodation for 24 nights*
  • Ayurvedic massage (one)
  • 13 % Vat and 10 % service charge
  • Yoga alliance certificate

*Accommodation is fully equipped by modern amenities in classical looks. Rooms include two wide base single beds. Bathrooms are equipped by modern facilities. During the course period all rooms will be provided in sharing basis. As per request single room can also be provided with extra charges. Please visit our web page for the details.

Other Expenses

  • Outside trip cost from or to Yoga Institute.
  • Airport transfer to or from yoga Institute travel cost
  • Travel and medical insurance (It is suggested)
  • Laundry cost (service can be provided with additional cost )

Cost of course

The complete cost for 250 plus hours YTT course is $1400. Advance deposit $200, it is non refundable.  The balance of your payment will be payable on orientation day here in Nepal. 25 days long course starts on the 15th of every month (ending the 9th or 10th of the following month, depending on 30 day or 31 day months). There will be upto 14 students on each course for quality of class.

Course time duration: 4 weeks (25 days)

Note: Teacher training courses 300 hours is also available for booking anytime.