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Are you interested Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course in Nepal?

Connect with Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Yoga Institute. We mainly focus on Sanatan Yoga from Ashtanga Yoga (Patanjali’s 8 Limbs).

Rich of natural resources, Nepal is an intensely spritual place. It is one of the best countries for yoga and meditation. You can get deeper your spritual and strengthen yourself on every level on a yoga recoil in Nepal is an ideal place to practice the power of yoga, spritualy and physically.


Overview of Ashtanga Yoga Training in Nepal


Ashtanga yoga teacher training course in Nepal is intended to immerse learners in the thorough and spritual live out of long-established Astanga yoga mainly paying attention on knowledge, breathing, appropriate secure and efficient asana, meditation and sensible attitude help you to  live less worrying, satisfied and pleasant-sounding time. After achievement the course you will get a specialized yoga teacher’s certification from Nepal Yoga institute. This yoga teacher training course will provide you expertise and knowledge to begin teaching yoga efficiently.

Our Yoga institute has experienced and competent set of teachers who have accomplished their Yoga in good institutions. We facilitate you with a spacious yoga accommodation with a first-class energy flow, sanitation and calm. All our classes and trainings are unique that makes you closer with the understanding and comprehension of thousands of years’ ethnicity.

Purpose of Ashtanga Yoga

This Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training course lets yoga teachers to enhance their knowledge and get deeper on yoga practice. They acquire superior understanding, good physical condition, flexibility, strength and stability of the mind. When the mind is stable they experience inner harmony and genuine natural world.

Even if you do not have interest to teach yoga the course will come for help when you are putting yourself ahead for a healthier and more sacred life in based on your right nature. This training course can be taken by anyone, you should not need any past experience.

Nepal Yoga Institute is a first-class yoga training institute in Nepal with outstanding teachers, but what thing that you will feel supported during your practice by highly experienced sage (guru). The main purpose of our training is to take you to the spiritual heart of this holistic carry out and provide international platform through out certification.

Who can join Ashtanga Yoga Course?

  • The one who wants to practice yoga, teach yoga and wants to keep knowledge on it.
  • Students with necessary physical stamina and mental discipline. This training is intense on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
  • The one with the Passion to learn and willingness to share it all over the world.

Why NYI for Ashtanga Yoga Training in Nepal?

  • Research based genuine time-honored Astanga yoga teacher training course
  • Complete in depth set of courses.
  • Focused on responsiveness, breathing, suppleness and meditation.
  • Includes the idea of ancient to modern practical yoga viewpoint.
  • Experience and discover the art of teaching Ashtanga yoga.
  • Teaching style is mostly Astanga yoga and Hatha yoga relevant to the research.
  • You get chance to build a skilful and different asana practice.
  • Understand basic yoga values in a way you can incorporate into your teachings.
  • Understand basic anatomy and physiology.
  • Able to move ahead towards an authentic spiritual practice.
  • Achieve an ideal experience that will offer you enduring motivation and context to practice and teach Ashtanga yoga.
  • Be able to make a well-versed decision regarding the aspects of yoga you like, and what you desire to practice and teach.

To get more about the Ashtanga yoga training in Nepal, please feel free to connect with us in your desired time. We will be very happy to come to your help.