Twelve reasons to join Nepal Yoga Institute for YTT

Twelve reasons to join Nepal Yoga Institute for YTT

Posted on 2018-12-14

If you have landed in our website, it can be established that you are looking to practice and learn Yoga in Nepal. Our teams of Yoga teachers and practitioners welcome you in this beautiful endeavor. Your choice of destination for yoga in the spiritual land of Nepal could not be any more appreciated. After all, which is a better place to learn this magical art than in the lap of Himalayas?

In this interesting article, we are excited to list 12 amazing reasons why you should choose our retreat and training programs for Yoga in Nepal.


Yoga is a spiritual path and our aim is to provide you with a relaxing atmosphere for your retreat or training needs. The sacred learning of yoga cannot be compared to money but the expenses of food and accommodation along with teachers have to be compensated. For this, we take a nominal amount for Yoga Teacher Training program and also give discounts in retreat program according to group size.

With the additional services provided by Nepal Yoga Institute, you will be amazed with the budgeted schemes during your stay as a budget Yoga teacher training in Nepal.

Our Yoga Teacher Training provides a complementary massage service and stress management program too.


Our Yoga Retreat and Teacher Training Centre is located in a peaceful and green environment. Our location is such that you can easily plan a weekend trip to the Capital city Kathmandu and still feel the serenity of practicing in a calm and green space.

As a spiritual person, it is well known that you are not keen on practicing in the noise and pollution of the city. With this important matter in mind, our Centre is located to provide you with an appropriate environment.

Hiking and other farming activities can be either done or speculated from our Centre. Unlike the practices in city, our Centre provides you with the opportunity to understand the rural and authentic lifestyle of Nepalese people. The cultural heritage sites are close from our institute, which can be explored by making time on weekends.


Our team comprises of enthusiastic, passionate and calm Yoga Teachers who are willing to work on guiding you towards your Spiritual pursuits.

Dr. Bal Krishna is a Ph. D. holder in Yoga and Naturopathy with in depth knowledge of Yoga, Psychology, eastern science, art and Sanskrit language.

He has done his research in “Stress Management by Yoga and Naturopathy” and is involved in this path since 1994 A.D. He, with his dedicated team of Yogi’s guide you to become a respected Yoga teacher, which is a fruit in itself.


Our team wants to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We provide comfortable bedding, towels, blankets and electric heater for the room. We provide pens, diary and Yoga Teacher Training Manual too.

Also, we provide Yoga mats for your practice. This is a bonus point knowing that you do not need to worry on any accommodation related problems once you land in the country.

With unlimited herbal tea and three organic meals grown in our farm, even food isn’t a concern. Our Yoga Teacher Training plan also comes with one Ayurvedic massage as a gift from our Centre. Yoga in Nepal has been made a beautiful journey to undertake from our institute.


One of the most undermined but vital factors to determine a pleasant stay is the attitude of the staff members.

Nepalese people are known to be simple minded so it is known that you will not face any problem in this country. Similarly, the humble nature of the people in our Centre makes it easier to practice and will keep you focused in your practice. Even the Gurus are calm and considerate with your freedom of learning.

Our main aim is to aid you in every way towards your goal of becoming a Yoga Teacher. We do not let any obstacle to hinder your path and something as basic as warm hospitality is maintained in our institute.


Along with serene environment for a mindful practice of yoga, our Centre provides a professional certification to the students for their future yogic pursuits. Institute is running certified yoga teacher training program in Nepal.

Our institute is a Yoga Alliance- Australia Registered School. On training from our Centre, teachers can apply for registration as a registered Yoga teacher (RYT) in Yoga Alliance Australia. After registration can teach yoga globally in USA also.

In the modern world of today, professional certification goes a long way to shaping you as an authentic Yoga Teacher and our training provides you with the world best certification. We work on our part to equally to hone your yogic craft in a beautiful environment and provide you with a proficient certification.


Government of Nepal recognizes our institute as one of the best Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Centre in Nepal. The students of this institute have no complain with regard to their stay with us. Institute is actively involved in providingYoga Teacher Training,Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Ashtang Yoga Teacher Training andStress Management Training to many renowned Government institute's employees, NGO’S, INGO’S and Foreigners. You also get a complementaryStress Management Training package with us.


Our team has been putting constant effort in the field of Yoga by being involved with multitude of Social Organizations.

Our credibility can be established more from the fact that our institute name has been associated with many Social Organizations. Choosing us for Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal will be beneficial to you in many ways.


Hygiene is a basic and the most crucial factor that is taken well care of from our institute. The organic farming done in the premise of our institute ensures fresh food is provided to our fellow students and other visitors of retreat programs. Cow farming is also done in the premise of our institute to provide fresh and unadulterated milk to visitors and students. This also plays role in Karma Yoga study with our students.


Trekking in Nepal is another tourist attraction and the stay in our institute favors the same to yoga students. Nepal offers a wide variety of trekking routes which can be explored by our students.

The trekking expenses are not covered on the training fee but time can be made for short hikes and treks with new friends made in training. Our institute is on the way of famous trekking destinations that can be explored under our supervision and guidance along with the practice of Yoga in Nepal.

Trekking gears are available at cheap price in the tourist destinations and can help you create beautiful memories during your stay in Nepal.


Along with a free massage session during the stay, we have also included Stress Management Package program for your benefit. A yogi develops a stress free mind and we aid you in doing so by providing a complementary Stress Management program for Yoga teacher training students. This program also benefits you to approach your student to relieve them from stress.


We have senior citizen aiding facilities in our institute. This is a way of giving back to the community and during the stay you are more than welcome to help us in this noble pursuit.

Joining for Yoga in Nepal with us is a noble act in itself.


Karma yoga the eastern ways is a service provided in our institute to bridge the gap between the differences in our cultures. This yogic way teaches selflessness and compassion. The overall course in our institute for Yoga in Kathmandu Nepal aims to perfect you as a human being and we have many opportunities to guide you in this quest.

Located 22 km far from Tribhuvan Airport and 24 km from Thamel, Kathmandu. Our retreat and Yoga Teacher Training Centre a leading Yoga School in Kathmandu, Nepal is a paradise to practice Yoga. We have been providing a friendly and cozy environment to domestic as well as international practitioners, and we are among the best for many reasons as listed above.

Let us know how we can be of help to you. Comment or email us to know more about our services.