Five Element Therapies in Yoga and Naturopathy

Five Element Therapies in Yoga and Naturopathy

Posted on 2018-09-15

Sunray therapy

 In sunray therapy, treatment is done with early morning sunray. Except direct sun ray on the body, sunray treated bottle water and oil can also be used. Blue colored bottle water treated by sunray is used to reduce stress. And similarly, massage oil can also be used as alternative.

Hydro therapy

 Water is used in this therapy Jal Neti of cleaning process of nostrils. It helps proper inhaling and exhaling. Drinking water in the morning is called “Ushapan”. It helps to release constipation and makes digestive system smooth and effective. Steam bath, Hip bath, Spinal bath, Spinal pack are useful therapy in stress management.


Mud therapy

Mud therapy is very useful in Panchamahabhut therapy. Mud is used for releasing toxic elements from the body. Collected elements are sent to release from the body which helps to reduce stress level. In this therapy, prepared mud pack is kept in abdominal area during 30 minutes, after which it releases constipation and makes calm and quiet feeling.


Air therapy

It is called “Bayu” therapy. Lack of fresh air makes a man uneasy and discomfort. In this therapy, one has to use fresh air, it helps to provide complete Oxygen level measuring in the body. This therapy can be done by sitting or walking in airy (open) place in loose outfits for half an hour.

Ether/Vacuum therapy

 It is called ‘Aakash’ therapy. Vacuum is an entire space without any solid elements. Fasting (Upabas) is a kind of method of vacuum therapy. Skipping foods and drinking only liquid also helps to practice vacuum therapy. It helps to provide rest for digestive system. At the time of vacuum therapy, body starts cleaning toxic elements and makes our body and mind clean. It makes calm and quiet and reduces stress level.