Founder and Yoga Teacher Dr. Bal Krishna

Founder and Yoga Teacher Dr. Bal Krishna


Dr. Bal Krishna is Ph.D. in Yoga and Naturopathy, he has accomplished research on the topic of “Stress Management by Yoga and Naturopathy.” He has completed experimental research for different Stress level people to increase Stress resilience capacity and cope themselves. He had more than five years long research experience and got Ph.D. from the origin country of Yoga, Nepal Sanskrit University (NSU).

He has completed Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy, three years full course from Gandhi National Academy, New Delhi, India in 1999. He has associated with Yoga and Naturopathy for 20 (twenty) years. He has been continuously involving in this sector from the 1994 AD.

He has achieved in-depth knowledge in Yoga, Naturopathy, Psychology, and Management simultaneously. He is well known in eastern science, art, literature Sanskrit language and more. He has studied the ancient Vedas, Upanishads, Puran, Bhagavad Geeta and many other ancient kinds of literature and holy books.

Yoga and meditation are ancient knowledge; they had developed by the guru to disciple systems. Dr. Bal Krishna has followed this ancient system by keeping close touch and guidance of Nepal and India’s famous Gurus and their developed systems.

He has completed Post graduation in Psychological Counseling from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal in 2006 AD. He is certified Naturopathic Physician by Nepal government, National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) of CTEVT, Kathmandu, Nepal.

He is working as a Founder/Senior Yoga Teacher in Nepal Yoga Institute and Retreat, Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the founder Managing Director and Yoga Teacher of Himalayan Health Village from 2004 to till. He had involved in many social organizations, a charity organization, and spiritual organization.

In many social organizations, he has been involving as Director, General Secretary, Life member, Patron, Advisor, Honorable member etc. Dr. Bal Krishna has involved actively in media and publications sector. He has been writing an article in printing media, publishing health and spiritual book as a publisher and editing health magazine as an editor. He has been planning to publish Yoga in electronic media also.

His main devotion, inspiration, motivation, and attraction is in Yoga class. He keeps deep interest in Sanskrit Shloks and he is well known in Mantra Chant.

Dr. Bal Krishna present the best of knowledge of Yoga of the ancient into the modern perspective. During teaching Yoga, he keeps inspired and loving with disciples. His journey is divine, spirituality is his step, deep love and belonging are his both hands, happiness and joy are his movements wherever he goes and stays.
He is in the path of supreme consciousness. He wants to achieve as an enlightened master and he delivers his knowledge and guidance to the followers (disciples) whatever he has achieved so far. He has got Experience Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT 500) from  Yoga Alliance – Australia and Registered Yoga teacher (RYT) from Yoga Alliance  USA.

Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher(ERYT-500) of Yoga Aliance Australia
Registered Yoga Teacher of Yoga Alliance USA (RYT-200)