Code of Conduct


In our culture, guest is similar to God अतिथिदेवो भव; /Atithi devo bhava). It prescribes a dynamics of the host-guest relationship.
Students and guests are wellcome to our institute and retreat center for teacher’s training program, recharge, practice yoga, meditation, peace and prosperiety. We wish to all our guest heartily memorable & joyful stay with us. We are hopeful “Code of conduct” would be the best way to provide love and care for all  of our students and guests.

We all are Yogis so we must keep in mind about our rules and regulations:-

  • Cheerful face:  We are here in divine place. You must forget our past history and future plan during the period of stay with us, it will make you be more happy, joyful & curious to learn new one, try to enjoy in present movement. Keep, always, a cheerful (Smiling) face, because face is your complete reflexation.
  • Brotherhood and sisterhood: Ancient philosophy said (वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् /Basudhaiva Kutumbakam i.e., “the world is one family”) .
    We are here from different regions and cultures but to achieve the same goal. Our interest and achievement would be the same, so try to feel comfortable with each others. A major quality of Yogis is to follow global brotherhood and sisterhood.
  •  Respect and thanks: Be respectful to older and colleagues and provide love and belonging to younger.
  • Punctual: Follow up for time, arrive and do all activities at the planned time, it will be helpful you to achieve required goal.
  • Silence:
    •  Morning is glorious time, it is called time of inner peace, so we follow silence in the morning up to breakfast. Do not talk to each others, do not make phone conversation and do not knock the doors. Keep calm and quite in mind try to feel your inner sound
    •  Meal time: Keep silence at meal time  also  because it will be helpful to enjoy with proper food taste. It will be helpful for digestion. Afterward tea is served .Feel free to talk & discussion, in small sound.
    • Yogashala (Yoga hall): Please reduce noise level and make silence in yoga hall, after or before sessions because some practice will be meditating there, so help them continue their practice properly.
  • Health care: Your health is important, please take medicine timely if you are taking any medication. Please inform us if you suffer from any health problem and injuries. You are prior to memories officially about your any special health care and food items, if required. We are conscious about your health.
  • Health promotion: Yoga and retreat will be helpful for your good health. If you are curious and aware to promote your health you can follow some extra rules and practice it. For example, fasting once a week will be helpful to you for it.

Please mind it:

  •  Personal belongings: Please manage properly for personal belongings and be responsible. Remember to  lock the doors at night and when you are outside. 
  •  Dress code: Manage the dress as per yogic culture. Nepali culture is also a typical eastern culture. We request to follow appropriate dress in institute.
  •  Smoking, intoxicants and Junk food: We respects for all. Smoking, intoxicants and junk food are harmfull for surrounding, yourself and all. We also ask that any types of chemicals and aerosols using is strictly prohibition.
  • Yoga class: Yoga class are conducted in the morning and evening time. Guests are invited to attend the class. Please inform if you are not going to attend Yoga classed and do not disturb others anyway.
  • Satsang: Groups engage in a spiritual dialogue is Satsang. Like Yogasana and meditation, satsang is important for the followers, it increases physical, mental and spiritual energy. We organize and encourage to participate in Satsang.
  • Karma Yoga: Yoga through Karma is called Karma Yoga. To provide the benefit of Karma Yoga, we mange it in our Institute and outerside also. It is a optional not mandatory. We highly appreciate your feedback, input & ideas.


  •  Body massage: we provide one body massage to our students per course. Extra massage can be provides in additional cost.
  •  Laundry: Professional laundry service is available in institute, it upon additional cost. Hand washing can be done by yourself, it has separate space. Bathrooms are not designated for cloth washing so it is strictly prohibited.
  •  Meal: meal is  important for life, always respect the grain, and do not waste it. Properly ingestion food digest better so follow it for year better health. Institute provide organic and vegetarian/Vegan foods. You are suggested to mention or report about your food. If there is medical diet or any special requirement.
  •  Drinking water: Sufficient water drinking will support your health. You can refill your water bottle without any hesitation near drinking area.
  •  Library: You can enjoy different books in our library. You have to follow library rules strictly. One book ,once a time will be issue you can get new one after returning the previously  issued one.
  • Water & Electricity consumption: Always mind the proper use of water & electricity. They should be turned off before leaving the room.
  •  Room cleaning: Room cleaning are provided once a week, if required there can be managed additional. Feel free to ask whatever you need such as: towels, extra blankets, mosquito plug and its refills, candles, toilet paper etc.
  •  Damage of property: Yogis make discipline properly but due to some accidental case some damages can be occurred. Please report such case in time. Damages due to the careless and intentionally can’t be excused.

Special for students :

  • Teacher is the mirror of the society, so all teacher training students are the Yogis (Yoga teacher) of tomorrow. We would like to specially  request all students be prepared for tomorrow’s responsibility. Follow the Yamas (Social discipline), Niyemas (self discipline) according to the eight folds of sage Patanjalis Yoga Sutra (rules) and move the path of Yogis.
  • Motivation: Be curious about learning, be active, be punctual, and be conscious. All sessions are special so join all session yourself & encourage your colleague.
  • Attendance: To complete graduation 90% attendance in class is essential. If the attendance of students is less than required percentage by any reason, it will be managed to reach as per required
  • Participation: Participate actively in the class. Be respectful, avoid any kind of conflict, note down your any of question from theory class and yourself study and ask with your teacher.
    Do not ask or argue during in the class, keep it up at last time of the session. Advance notice is highly appreciated if you cannot attend a class. 
  • Study time: Swadhaya (self study) is the best quality of yogi. Every creation created in ancient period , were by Swadhya. You can achieve best knowledge by your self study.
  • Use of devices: We care for your progress and we respect others interests. So please do not use electronic devices in the class any way. Use these devices in your room respectfully. 

Nature cure/Nature watch in Leisure days/time.

  • Sunday is a rest day in a week, but it can be  changed with prior notice. According to the leisure days/time there are  some services like extra massage , nature cure and Ayurveda. Interested students can join these services. These additional services would be provided with extra charges. 
  •  A short treak (Hiking) can be attended  by the students. Treaking is effective for health and retreat. students can discover new areas and enjoy. It will be better to bring sunscreen cream, sun glass, hat, water proof clothing, trekking shoes, water bottle, anti mosquito cream etc for jungle hiking.
  • Kathmandu is the Kingdom of Nepal , it is beautiful place. It is famous as city of temple, art, culture ,world heritage  site and harmony. You can enjoy with group visit. We can manage group visit in effective cost for short distance (one day tour) .
  • Students are requested to take permission from school management while they go to outside  from institute and they must mention required returning time.
  • Payment System: Students and retreat member can be paid by cash, bank deposit, visa card & money transfer. (There is 4% Approximately Surcharge in visa charge).
  • Feel free/be happy : we have already mentioned above about guest & their values. So do not hesitate  and feel free to communicate about  any discomfort but you are here to learn eastern knowledge, art, science as well as typical Nepalese culture and values. So you should  co-operate us by being Yogis .