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Nepal is a beautiful country with its natural and cultural resources. World’s highest peak Mt. Everest (8848 meters.) is in Nepal, there are many other Himalayas standing with beautiful snow. High Land Mountain, lakes, natural forest and conservation area, plain land are other beauties of Nepal. The southern part of Nepal is plain land, it has spread east to west completely. Wildlife conservation, national Park, community forestry are the beauties of plain land (Terai region). The people living from south to north and east to west have different cultures and languages. Many saints meditated and were enlightened in this holy region of Nepal.

Kathmandu, one of the ancient cities and cultural centers of the world is situated at the southern foothills of Great Himalayas. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and green hills, it offers the glory of our combination of natural beauty, with a population of more than 5 million. Kathmandu is the city of temples, diversified cultures, and ethnicities.

Nepal Yoga Institute and Retreat is located in Kathmandu valley. Surrounding are mountains, spiritual and holy scenes. Beautiful heritages, Kathmandu valley can be seen from institute premises. We are practicing to make the fusion of classical system and scientific research. We offer Yoga Teacher training program, Retreat program, Stress management, Health and Spiritually, Lifestyle program and more.

Nepal Yoga Institute and Retreat is Yoga alliance - Australia Registered School. Teachers are Experienced Registered Teacher (ERYT) in Yoga Alliance Australia and USA.

Institute is highly focusing on quality service in a spiritual atmosphere. Simplicity is the high quality of Yogi and Yogini so we emphasize them to follows the simplicity with an open mind. Our motto is to provide quality education and service in a homely atmosphere. Brotherhood and sisterhood are the main culture of our ancient philosophy and Nepalese culture and we are practicing it.

Self-realization is the great achievement in their Yogic field. Self-practice consciousness devotion; surrender and connection with Guru (Yoga Teacher) would be helpful for these great achievements. Day one starts with change gradually each and every practitioner can achieve the great goal with complete perfection. Quite and calmness of minds would be developed in few practices. The body will get flexibility and comfort in the practice of few days.